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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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AHOM,                                                                               117

10,  chu        Maloti nang-1       ship      pit      pi      ma (we)  kbau   shun       ka-jau

lung       ship      pet

name            Mftlati    girl-ore           t«n           eight        y<w           cocae          into    comporad         go-dsd

tang   nam-tang-1    kliaumu.      Tam-nai   cham kham   tuk-ka.   Maloti    han-

•fong                                                           ink

with        water-pot-one         in     hand.   toom-thM («.c then)   wad  evening      fall-did.        Milatl          see-

jau;    kaw    pai-nai-sM   man    kan-pa,   sM-ko    kaw      ma   han   man    jau.
kau                                                                Mu

did;          I       go-unexpectedly-ing   her          twwrdf,         tlKsagh           I            not      see         her        did.

Man     shati     ku-kan-ta   cham   rang-hai-ka, shtng-ba   man    ba-ka  kaw   u


She     young-woman   fear-began-feel      and       «houfe-lotsd-did,         as-if              she        pay-did        I        he

phl-l  koi Khau Bhoni-ram   tang kun     ak     ma,    cham   kaw    khat-jau.

phri-liing                                             kun                                   kan

ghest-one     did.      They       Dhanl-rJiia           all   peiwas   outiide     came,        and         me           seize-did.

15.  Khau ba-ka  kaw    tit    chang ma-jau    han      sang       shaii.     An-nan   lat-
&an    tet

They say-did       I       there         and       come-dld     (to-)»«   youngejc-sifter yoamg-woman.    That        say

kham   Bhoni-ram   lau-ka    puhsh,   tu-ba   nwn    Bang         shau       ai

word         Dhanl-rim         tell-dii     (to-the-Jpolice,    Bat        his   yonhger-sister young-woman   shame    hidt

chang   man

and         he

ba  khau kachari   kaw     pai-M     lak     mak^mo-mltng    man    cham     Maloti

says    in        court               I              go-did      (to-)sti8sl        fruit-mango          (of-)him        and             MSiatl

kaw han- jau   an       tun     nu.
kau                           twn>

me      see-did       first         tree       on.

This case is false. I did not go to steal anything at his houpe. The facts are these,
I missed my cow which I had bought from Dhaniram a year ago. The cow, though
carefully kept by me, used to visit her former owner's house very often, and I had to go
and fetch her several times. On the day referred to by Dhaniram I went to his house
to see if my cow had gone there. That was after sunset. I walked through his bari
as usual to see whether my cow was straying there., (It so happened) that at that
time his sister Malati, a grown-up girl of 18 years, came to the bari with a water-pot
in her hand. It was then nearly dark. She "saw me unexpectedly going towards her
though I myself had not noticed her. She got frightened and screamed as if she
thought I was a ghost. The people of the house, including Dhaniram, came and seized
me, saying that I had come there to visit the girl. TJiat was the story Dhaniram told
to the police, but in the Court in order to hide ft$ shame of his rsiste? he givea out that
I was stealing his mangoes and that Malati saw me first on thatree.